What’s the Bottom Line on Mortgage Brokers

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21 Jun What’s the Bottom Line on Mortgage Brokers

What’s the bottom line on Mortgage Brokers?

Do you have a mortgage?  If so, it may be the right time to contact a Mortgage Broker to shop around for a lower interest rate.   The service is free!  We found a great article in the London Metro on October 18, 2011, by Lesley Scorgie, “What’s the Bottom Line on Mortgage Brokers?”   A few key points are:

  • Brokers with strong networks can often get nearly instant approvals and they can negotiate better rates and terms on your behalf.
  • If you’re keen to stay loyal to your bank, you can ask your independent mortgage broker to negotiate specifically with your financial institution.
  • Get referrals from trusted friends or family members.  Research current rates and structures in advance of meeting with a broker.

Remember, if you can save money on your mortgage, that savings can help you pay off other debts or build up assets.

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