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Credit Counselling London Ontario

Credit Counselling London Ontario

Whether you are experiencing financial difficulties from living above your means, going through a divorce, suffering a job less or overwhelming health care expenses, credit counselling services are the key to sustaining a healthy financial future long-term. Credit Counselling allows you to get help from an experienced professional to create a customized budget that will allow you to live stress-free and pay outstanding debts, and start saving for your retirement. Credit counselling is offered at McLennan & Company Ltd. head office in London, and satellite offices in Woodstock and Ingersoll.

A Team of Experienced Credit Counsellors

Working with a Credit Counsellor for multiple meetings is a mandatory part of the personal bankruptcy or consumer proposal process. A Credit Counsellor not only will guide you through the process of eliminating your debts, but they will also come up with a detailed, affordable plan that is customized to your financial situation. They will create a savings solution to ensure that sticking to their recommendations will result in a healthy financial future, and you wont have to go through the bankruptcy or consumer proposal process again. Our London credit counsellors want to help you! Connect with us today to learn more.

McLennan & Company Ltd. works solely on Personal Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal files. They have over 20 years of experience guiding clients to overcome financial difficulties with the help of their Credit Counselling services. If you are experiencing financial hardship, contact the Trustee in Bankruptcy firm today at McLennan & Company Ltd. for a free initial consultation. The main office is located in London, Ontario, with two satellite offices in Woodstock and Ingersoll. Weekend and evening appointments are available per request. Connect with McLennan & Company Ltd today by calling 519-433-4728. Overcome your debt for good!

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