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McLennan & Company Ltd. is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (formerly known as a Trustee in Bankruptcy) that provides people in London Ontario with debt help and credit counselling, often by using a consumer proposal. Contact us today at 519-433-4728.

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Consumer Proposal London Ontario
If you are experiencing financial hardship, it is in your best interest to speak with a trustee now and learn about all available options. Preparing a consumer proposal can be a very fitting solution and is sometimes more desirable than bankruptcy protection. Waiting too long to enlist the aid of a trustee and explore the alternatives fully can have the result that some of the best avenues for resolution are no longer open.

Credit Counselling London Ontario
When you go through a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, regular meetings with a credit counsellor are a mandatory part of the process. But, taking time to meet with a counsellor can be a wise course of action long before you reach the stage of needing a proposal or bankruptcy. If you are having trouble meeting your financial obligations, talk to us. We can help you create a budget that will allow you to pay down your debts, save for retirement and eliminate your stress.

Debt Help London Ontario
Is your debt load spiralling out of control? Are you dependent on high interest credit cards and loans? You should know that help is available, and options are plentiful. Contact us today to book an appointment. We will help you formulate a customized plan to settle your debts and improve your financial future.

Licensed Insolvency Trustee
The President and LIT of McLennan & Company is Bruce McLennan, who launched his career in debt restructuring with a large international firm in Toronto. Bruce returned to London in 1990 to enjoy the quality of life it offers and to focus his efforts on helping people with their financial problems and thereby making a real difference in their lives. When you meet Bruce to discuss the debt help you need, you'll quickly realize that he enjoys helping people find solutions to their financial problems.

Bankruptcy Trustee London Ontario
The term "Trustee in Bankruptcy" was replaced by the professional designation "Licensed Insolvency Trustee" or LIT in early 2016, because an LIT is a more accurate description of the many services that they offer to individuals, including consumer proposals, debt counselling, bankruptcy and other financial restructuring options. The designation identifies professionals who have completed the necessary education and passed rigorous testing to attain their licence from the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

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