Bruce McLennan, President of McLennan & Company

Bruce McLennan, President of McLennan & Company, debt, insolvency, financial support

Meet Bruce McLennan, President of McLennan & Company

Meet Bruce McLennan, a Licenced Insolvency Trustee and the President of McLennan & Company. After a short conversation with Bruce, you can see why he transitioned from a large international organization in Toronto, to make his home in London, and start his own boutique firm in financial restructuring.


Originally, in 1990, Bruce made the move to provide a better quality of life for his family, which at the time, included two very young daughters – who have now both successfully flown the coop. However, you can tell his caring and easygoing demeanour is best-suited to a company where he can nurture relationships through a people-first approach to business, rather than churning insolvency clients in and out the door. Bruce attributes his attitude to his Northern Ontario roots.


“McLennan & Company is not concerned with being the biggest or busiest Trustee firm in town, we just want to be the Trustee our clients know they can count on,” Bruce explains. “We’re about people, not numbers.” This may seem funny coming from a man who has dedicated several decades to developing his knowledge and technical awareness as an Insolvency Trustee, but anyone who has interacted with Bruce, and his team members, recognizes he is telling the truth. He prides himself on personally championing McLennan & Company’s determination to be different than cookie cutter debt and insolvency companies.


When you reach out to McLennan & Company for insolvency and restructuring support, you can trust you’ll actually have the opportunity to meet Bruce. He doesn’t hide behind a stack of paperwork or reserve his time for elite clientele because, “I love interacting with people. I am a naturally positive person,” he shares. “I look forward to actually getting to know our clients, so we can develop customized solutions to their debt problems that work hard for them – and the futures they’ve imagined.”


Bruce’s foundation in commercial insolvency work paved the way for his confident approach to working with clients who have complex issues, as well as the creditors that play an important role in a client’s debt solutions. Empathetic, strategic and (sometimes humorous), Bruce McLennan is dedicated to treating each client and case with fairness and an unyielding determination to do what’s best for the client.