Meet Pearce Lahn

Meet Pearce Lahn, McLennan & Company’s Estate Manager

Pearce Lahn, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Financial Services, Debt Relief

Meet Pearce Lahn, Licensed Insolvency Trustee for McLennan & Company in London, Ontario.

Pearce Lahn is a seasoned vet when it comes to providing clients with debt insolvency support. With more than 20 years of experience, he has become very skilled at identifying clients’ particular needs and strategically employing debt solutions to get great results in a timely and respectful manner.

Pearce attributes his knack for debt insolvency to the fact he’s been lucky enough to work with several industry leaders who taught him the importance of always conducting himself with integrity, while ensuring he is catering to the individual needs of those he interacts with on a daily basis. To bolster his extensive work experience, Pearce has also completed his CIPA Estate Administrators Course and previously completed the program to become a Certified Credit Counsellor.

Pearce has worked with McLennan & Company for several years. He thoroughly enjoys the firm’s working environment. “At M&C, there is a sense of caring and we consistently work hard to provide a uniquely personalized approach to client service.”

He also takes a lot of pride in his ability to help people with problems they may otherwise have little power or knowledge to address. “Most people know very little about their options when they’re in financial crisis, so I enjoy supporting every client to better understand which solutions may be best-suited to provide them with relief and empower them to get back on financial track.”

When Pearce isn’t transforming his clients’ financial future with expert debt insolvency support, he is expending the remainder of his energy on the court, field or course. After work, Pearce keeps busy playing golf, soccer and tennis, which is a necessary change of pace from McLennan & Company’s relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, as he is highly competitive in nature.

If you’re looking at financial statements or creditor reports with red flags you don’t quite “get”, don’t hesitate to contact McLennan & Company and we will connect you with a debt insolvency professional who will work hard to alleviate your stress and position you for future financial success. We look forward to meeting you.