Your Rights When Dealing With Collection Agencies

Blog Your Rights When Dealing With Collection Agencies

Your Rights When Dealing With Collection Agencies

A recent article written by the Ministry of Consumer Services Ontario, brought some interesting things to light regarding collection agencies and their prohibited practices. Here are some of the more interesting regulations found from this article: Your Rights When Dealing With Collection Agencies

The Collection Agencies Act prohibits collection agencies from doing certain things. Know your rights!

Collection Agencies may not:

Contact you if you or your lawyer notify the collection agency by registered mail to communicate only with your lawyer, and you provide the lawyer’s name, address and telephone number.

This situation could arise if you have a disputed credit, thereby requiring the service of a lawyer.

Contact you on Sunday other than times between 1p.m. and 5p.m., and on a holiday.

Unfortunately this rule is not always practiced by collection agencies.

Continue to contact you if you have told them that you are not the person they are looking for unless they take reasonable precautions to ensure you are that person.

This is just common sense. People change their phone numbers all the time, especially when they are hiding from a collection agency. That being said, anyone could say it’s a wrong number just to have the collection agencies stop calling.

Contact your spouse, a member or your family or household, or a relative, neighbour or acquaintance except to obtain your address and telephone number unless the person contacted has guaranteed the debt or you have given permission for the person to be contacted.

These limitations make sense; however, remember that co-signers and guarantors can still be contacted.

You can contact the Consumer Protection Branch to report any prohibited practices you’re experiencing.